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I love plants. I love flowers. I love arrangements of gorgeous blooms. I love the commonest of weeds. I fill my life with all of these. My days are made up of all things botanical.

The first time I was ever enchanted, it was by the perfectly round, fluffy, white balls of viburnum opulis. This magical shrub, the snowball bush, grew in my grandmother’s garden. Flowers and plants have filled my spirit and heart ever since.

The role my grandmother’s garden played in my imagination was not equal to the time I actually spent there. I was never in any one place for very long. Until very recently, I spent most of my life moving from home to home and location to location. Northern Ontario to Houston. The suburbs of Toronto to Vancouver. The Okanagan Valley to Vancouver Island. Stints in Dallas, El Paso, the desert of Southern California. Moves from Vancouver to Montreal to Los Angeles.

However, wherever I lived, plants were a mainstay in my life. Forests of trees. Wildcrafting here and there and everywhere. Organic farms. Tiny sidewalk gardens. Large container gardens. Vegetable gardens. Even a garden centre. If there was a patch of dirt, a spot for a pot, or an opportunity to learn, I would use it. I grew both plants and my skills, everywhere I went. Flowers, herbs, vegetables, weeds: I worked with them all. I loved them all! I still do love them all.



Six years ago, my young family and I finally made a move to what I believe will be a forever garden. This forever home is located in a tiny oceanside town with a bounty of wild, healing plants growing close by. Here, in my own tiny paradise, I get to do it all. I am feeding my family from our large vegetable garden. I make our organic soap and skin balms out of wild, healing weeds and mushrooms, and from special herbs in my garden. I grow beautiful, mesmerizing flowers in my cutting garden and create lovely bouquets and wreaths. Every day I wake up grateful for what I have and for what I am fortunate to do.

I am doing this all with my family by my side. My husband works very full-time as a professional artist, but lucky for me he likes to take breaks and help me out. He has built my garden beds, put in irrigation, and gathered endless amounts of mulch for my garden. He also makes the most incredible meals out of the fresh produce I grow, and gathers wild mushrooms for those meals, as well. We have two young children with passions and favourite pastimes all their own.

Slow Botanicals is the business I have created and the Garden Stand is where this all started. Please look around my website, sign up for my newsletter, and share in my journey. Best to you!

slow botanicals calendula background.jpg
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