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Organic Skin Cream

Frequently Asked Questions: Slow Botanicals Skin Cream

Q: How do I wear sunscreen and your Slow Botanicals skin cream at the same time?
A: Sunscreen will prevent skin damage and signs of aging…and skin cancer. I really encourage you to wear sunscreen. Physical sunscreen products are the best choice (and until Slow Botanicals comes out with sunscreen, I recommend zinc-based Think Sport or Think Baby). Wash your face when you get ready in the morning, towel dry and immediately apply your sunscreen to your face. Wait 20-30 minutes (this is a good time to make and sip your coffee) and then apply your Slow Botanicals skin cream. Slow Botanicals skin creams contain flowers that have been shown by research to offer protection from sun exposure and its damaging effects. Personally, I don’t think this is enough, so I combine my skin cream with a zinc-based sunscreen.

Q: I have eczema. What skin cream do you recommend I use on my eczema?
A: Regenerating Night Cream is an excellent spot treatment for Eczema. Even though it is a night cream, you can use Regenerating Night Cream on your eczema during the day. Many customers of Slow Botanicals report this is the first treatment to ever clear up their eczema. Slow Botanicals Regenerating Night Cream can be used every day on eczema without and is safe to use on babies with eczema.

Q: I have psoriasis. What skin cream is best for my psoriasis?
A: There are two Slow Botanicals skin creams that are excellent to use on psoriasis. Both Slow Botanicals creams have excellent anti-inflammatory properties. The two skin creams to use on psoriasis are Anti-Inflammatory + Antioxidant Cream and Wild Winter Blend Skin Cream. These skin creams can be used safely every day and anywhere on your face or body.

Q: How do I apply skin cream under my makeup?
A: Floral Day Cream works very well under makeup. So does Wild Winter Blend Skin Cream. Apply Slow Botanicals skin cream and then wait 10-20 minutes before applying your makeup over top. This is a great time to grab your coffee, which is also good for your skin!

Q: I’m in my 20s and don’t have dry skin but I know I should start taking care of my skin now. What is the best skin cream for me to wear at night on my young skin?
A: Floral Day Cream is just that: a day cream (for both young and older skin). However, if you’re young, this skin cream contains just the right amount of skin hydrating power and skin regenerating flowers to make Floral Day Cream the best night cream for your young skin and the best aging skin care to start with. If you suffer from redness, then you should choose Anti-inflammatory + Antioxidant Cream or