This 14 inch hydrangea wreath is created entirely from dried flowers from my organic garden in the Pacific Northwest. I have a great love for growing flowers and surrounding myself with flowers all year long. Dried flower wreaths are a way that I keep my home filled with flowers through the months when there are no fresh blooms outdoors.


My hydrangea wreaths are all one of a kind. In order to keep both the creative process exciting and each finished wreath captivating, I refuse to follow a formula. I think and choose as I build each wreath.


The dried hydrangeas on my wreaths keep their colour. Their might be the slight fade due to age and sunlight streaming into your home, but the hydrangeas will not turn brown. Accompanying dried flowers in my hydrangea wreaths can include statice, strawflowers, lavender, achillea, yarrow, and others. All dried flowers come from my beloved garden!


I do not use any artificial methods or extra additives or products to dry or preserve my flowers. Sustainablility is always a top priority guiding everything I do.



Hydrangea Wreath