Winter Blend is a limited edition skin balm created only in the winter from wild plants in the Pacific Northwest. I ethically harvest all of the wild ingrediets for this moisturizing balm.


Winter Blend Skin Balm is made from wild Poplar Buds, Turkey Tail mushrooms Rose Hips and Usnea Lichen harvested during the winter months. This is a fragrant skin balm has a naturally occuring resinous scent. The plant materials included are known to be anti-inflammatory, antioixdant and anti-viral. Winter Blend is moisturizing and can be used on aging sking, dry skin and problem skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Winter Blend feels wonderful on all skin types. This can be used on your face, hands and body.

Contents: wild poplar buds, wild turkey tail mushrooms, Wild rose hips, wild usnea lichen, certified organic olive oil, certified organic bees wax.

Two ounces in a glass jar.

Winter Blend Skin Balm