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I am grateful to my customers.

Thank you for taking a chance on me. 

I am so happy that your risk has turned into trust.

It is a pleasure to bring more beauty into your lives!

I do not ask my customers, many of whom have become friends, to write me a review. But I sure do love receiving these spontaneous love letters to my inbox. Thank you!

Customer Reviews

"...and your soap! I just LOVE them!! The best soap bars ever! The smell of these soaps is just so light and ethereal." (Wild Poplar and Winter Blend Soap Bars). KKH, Vermont

"Literally the BEST shampoo bar, or bottle, that I have Ever used!! ps my best compliment is that is also works AWESOME on my pup, Yarrow. So gentle and soothing for him, too...and makes his coat so soft, shiny and fresh." TF, Washington

"I gave my friend a bar of soap (calendula) as a gift, when we went for lunch with her parents who were visiting her from Luxembourg. She just loved your soap bar! She appreciates so much the purity of your soap that resolved a skin problem she had." DL, Québec

"Fast shipping, well packaged, and great quality. The description lured me in, and the quality of the product is impressive." CR, Indiana

"I just wanted to write a big thanks for your soaps and the lovely note you added to my order. I love your products (as I knew I would), it's lovely to see that you're doing what you love- it's an inspiration!" KS, British Columbia

"Loved that soap last year! Ordered some more! Love your new website! So many fun things to shop for :)" KH, Vermont


"Hey!!! I love the salt soap bar!" GL, British Columbia

"The wreath is stunning. I love the pine cones, rosehips and holly. Thank you for doing a beautiful job as always!" RTH, Washington

"It's SO beautiful!!!! Thank you so much." (Custom evergreen wreath) TP, Washington

"Got it!! Thank you :) It arrived in perfect state. She is sooo happy. She is enjoying the balm already. Thank you!" (Gift basket) EB, Québec

"Thank you, Chwynyn. Your wreath is beautiful. And it was the perfect afternoon in the midst of a lovely snowfall to go pick it up!" SM, Washington

"I just wanted to let you know the wreath arrived safely and is lovely! It’s a gift for my Dad, who has hung it on the front door of his apartment. I picked this one because the flowers happen also to be the colors of his favorite basketball team (the Warriors) so he’s showing team spirit, too ;)" CG, California


"This is the third shampoo bar I have tried and by far - the best one! Absolutely lovely." MH, British Columbia

"We were so appreciative of the flowers of our dreams that Chwynyn so artfully arranged". NW, California


"Oh, the wreath is exquisite. It put an immediate smile on my face. I found a spot...the wall background is soft yellow and there is an antique small dresser below. There is a small lamp that casts a warm glow on everything. So pretty!" MB, Washington

"THANK YOU for the beautiful flower arrangements. I had endless compliments and they were perfect for the table."

AM, Washington

"This is my second order with Chwynyn and it won't be the last. I can feel her passion and love through her work and I can tell how much she loves what she's doing. The wreath is beautiful and brings a soft balance to my wall with other antique pieces. Thank you Chwynyn!!!" KB, Texas

"I knew I'd love this stuff! (Winter Blend Skin Balm)! I just smothered my lips with it. I can feel the healing." QL, Washington

"My neighbor was given one of your bouquets. She's over the moon about it. Absolutely stunning!" GO, Washington

"I know for my husband and his severe skin condition, your soap is the only one he will use." KPF, Washington

"I adore the balm (floral balm) more than any other. Regretting getting only one, if you have another, I'll take it. I've heard how roses are the best for my skin & you've done the work for me. Thank you." CZ, Washington

"I'm loving my basket of goodies. I love soaps especially as well as the napkins. You're gifted." KB, Washington

"I don't know what kind of magic potions you are making but holy cow!!! I was able to get back to sleep and was totally more calm at work sipping my tincture. You have converted me to herbal remedies!!!!! I will be buying a ton more" KF, Washington

"THANK YOU!!! What a wonderful surprise my hubby gave me for Mother's Day! You are so talented! I loved everything! Your creams are amazing! Thank you thank you thank you!" SM, Washington 

"I bought an espresso soap from you a few weeks ago and I'm in love! Deliciously creamy and moisturizing. And, last but not least, my sensitive skin loves it. Thank you!!" NB, Washington

"Love what I got!!!!" NJ, California

"This is my first order and I can't wait to use my new soap!! I ordered one for myself and one to add to a gift basket for Mother's Day. The shipping was super fast and the soap is so beautiful! I love that it has excellent ingredients and doesn't have any that will harm my skin." KB, Texas

The website is beautiful! It really captures 'you' and essence of your offerings.

I love my cloth napkins and use them every day. I put the salve on at night before I go to bed. And if I feel my body needs it, I take one of the tinctures. I love that I know where they come from, who has made them, the ingredients inside them and the love that was part of the process. -C.S. local customer

The cloth napkins are perfect and I will use them a lot. And I have already slathered my face with your magical balm. I am happy. Thank you again for letting me shop with you again this afternoon!! -local customer

I must tell you I am absolutely obsessed with your herbal balm!! It is EXACTLY what I was needing!! -local customer

This is long overdue but I wanted to thank you for the beautiful products that you so obviously put your heart and soul into. -local customer

I love your are such a talent. -S.R. local customer

Chwynyn, we absolutely love the wreath you made for us. You mean a lot to us, thank you for everything you do! -C.Z. local customer

Your soap is amazing! -local customer

Thanks so much for everything you do and for who you are. -local customer

Thank you Chwynyn,The wreath is soooooo beautiful thank you again! I  very much appreciate having your artistry on the Point! -local customer

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